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Upcoming Events

Innovation Competition

We are no longer accepting initial idea entries. All entrants have until November 30th, 2019 to be certified on any equipment needed for the building of your prototype. To complete your certification, stop by our office hours or email us at Stay tuned for an update on everyone's planned projects!

Maker Faire Orlando 2019

Thank you to everyone who supported us at the Orlando Maker Faire this year! It was great to join the maker community in celebrating the passion we all share. We had an amazing weekend and hope to see you all again next year!


The EC MakerSpace is Eckerd's home for those who like to create and invent. We offer a range of equipment and tools that can be used to the extent of your imagination. Certified members have access to our shop filled with equipment and materials and we hold regular events to introduce members of the Eckerd community to our facilities and equipment.


Use the EC MakerSpace to prototype your next product or to kickstart your small business! Bring your idea to life using the MakerSpace's ever-broadening facilities and equipment or spend some time developing a concept with our skilled board members. The EC MakerSpace encourages the ideas and creativity offered from different perspectives and are willing to help in any way possible.


The EC MakerSpace prioritizes teaching others. We offer regular workshops aimed to teach people how to make something and become familiar with the equipment we have to offer. We also run regular events to get members of the Eckerd community involved in the act of making!

Take a tour of the MakerSpace as a part of Eckerd College's 360° Virtual Tour.