Equipment and Resources


Our crafting department holds regular events related to the art of crafting. We have the following pieces of equipment to fulfill all of your crafting needs:

  • Sewing & embroidery machine
  • Button maker
  • Silk screen
  • Heat Press
  • Hot glue guns

Additionally, we keep a small stock of crafting materials from fabric to googly eyes and everything in between.


Our woodworking department provides students with the equipment and knowledge to get started in woodworking. Our woodworking equipment is as follows:

  • Tablesaw and Bandsaw
  • Glowforge Laser Cutter
  • Drill Press
  • X-Carve CNC
  • Basic hand tools
  • Jointer and Surface Planar
  • Belt and Disc sander

Tech and Coding

The EC MakerSpace's newest department, Tech and Coding, provides students with technologically sophisticated equipment and the expertise of peers who have experience coding in numerous programming languages. The Tech and Coding department possesses the following equipment:

  • 3D Printer
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Soldering irons
  • Arduino components
  • Breadboarding components
  • Computers with the required software to design and execute programming projects

Metal Working and Blacksmithing

Our blacksmithing and metalworking department provides students with a variety of metalworking and blacksmithing tools. We have a full blacksmithing shop with everything you'd need to get started smithing, including:

  • Anvils
  • Propane forges
  • Miscellaneous tongs and hammers

We also have a variety of metalworking equipment ranging from wrenches and pliers to files and a sheet metal break.

ECMS Safety Manual

All ECMS Club Members are subject to the rules and regulations outlined within our Safety Manual. It is attached below for your reference.

ECMS Safety Manual 101619.pdf