Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the MakerSpace exactly?

The MakerSpace is located in the building by the pool. Go through the white fencing and use the single door entrace to access the space.

How do I gain access to the MakerSpace?

All Eckerd community members are welcome to attend our weekly Office Hours to get help with a project or to check out the space. In order to have full, unsupervised access to the shop, Eckerd community members must complete our certification process. The best way to get certified is to email us at and set up a time to come in and complete the certification.

Do I need to provide my own materials for projects?

Short answer is yes. If you have a specific project in mind, we ask that you please provide your own materials. If your project is small, quick, and easy, we'd be happy to dig through our spare materials to help you complete your project.

Can I store my projects and equipment at the MakerSpace?

All Eckerd community members are welcome to rent one of our supplied equipment lockers. For a small, one-time fee you'll gain access to one of our lockers until the end of the school year. We ask that you do not store equipment or materials outside of these lockers without prior approval from a board member. Any equipment or materials deemed unsafe for use in the EC MakerSpace may be disposed of. 

What should I know before visiting the EC MakerSpace?

When planning to visit the EC MakerSpace, whether it be for an event, office hours, or on your own free time, it's important to know that closed-toed shoes are required to enter. You should also remember that food and beverages, with the exception of water, is prohibited in the MakerSpace. For further information regarding ECMS safety, take a look at our Safety Manual.

Further Questions?

For any further questions, feel free to email us at or stop by one of our weekly Office Hours.