Meet the Board

The EC MakerSpace's leadership is comprised of a collection of board members, each specializing in different areas of expertise. Board members are voted into their roles by the club members every May and serve to keep the MakerSpace running.

ECMS President

Taylor GurrEithun

Madison, WI

Physics Major

Class of 2020

ECMS Vice President

Jessica Sawyer

Wellesley, MA

Marine Science Major - Geology Track

Class of 2020

Shop Superintendent

Matthew Wright

Naples, FL

Physics Major

Class of 2020

Chief Financial Officer

Kristi Stari

Tampa, FL

Biochemistry Major

Class of 2021

Director of Crafting

Kayla Martin

Tallahassee, FL

Psychology Major

Class of 2022

Director of Woodworking

Calvin Bolon

Chapel Hill, NC

Business Major

Class of 2021

Director of Metalworking and Blacksmithing

Tristan Lam

Sacramento, CA

Marine and Environmental Science Major

Class of 2022

Director of Tech and Coding

Nadine Wong

Centennial, CO

Physics and Mechanical Engineering Major

Class of 2020

Want to become a board member?

The EC MakerSpace holds elections every May. If there's a skill you'd like to add to our repertoire, let us know and we'd love to point you in the right direction towards starting your own department!